Sunday, August 23, 2009

The most beautiful underground in the world

Or at least is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Some stations look more like a palace than like an underground station. Columns and walls made of marmol, relief pictures on the walls and chandeliers are common elements. On weekdays you can have some troubles in getting off of the train at time because of the crowd (it happened to me more than once), but in summer (especially on weekends), when a lot of Muscovites are on their dachas, at least it is possible to breath (if you are wondering what could a dacha be, I will explain in another post )

No, I have not returned yet. I am writing from Moscow, on my cousin's laptop (by the way, thank you so much =D), who is on a trip.

There is no recipe this time. Mainly, because I have done very little cooking the last two weeks (if pouring hot water over a bowl with instant oat flakes can be called cooking). But I have eaten more sorbet in two weeks than during all the summer! (I especially liked the grape flavour. Delicious!) But because all out actions have consequences...I think I have caught a cold. Quite easy, if taking into account that it's 12 degrees here now =S

I have almost 700 photos on my camera's memory card, space for 300 more and two days to fill it =)

And you, how did you spend your vacations? Where have you been? Any photos? Tell us about your summer!

Moscow's underground Moscow's underground Moscow's underground Moscow's underground  Moscow's underground


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Alisa said...

Yay! a post! Im having problems with my browser,your pictures are not showing up. I can'y wait to see the photos you took in Moscow! Summer flew by too soon.

Futoshi said...

... I want to go to Moscooooooow!!! (T_T)
Thank you very much for the beautiful pics... I'm looking forward to seeing the other 600+ that you did... (^_^U)
I haven't been on holidays yet, though summer is almost over, because I had to work, and my contract doesn't give me any paid day-off... Anyway I'll use two days to go and see my girlfriend in the town where she lives... It's better than nothing... Of course it would be better to go abroad, in Russia for example (I want to see Leningrad - sorry if I call it like that... (^_^U))... who know when or even whether I'll be able to do it...

Probably I still have to reply to your reply to an e-mail of mine... I hope to do it soon...
Have a nice day, and I'm looking forward to some new recipe! (^v^)