Saturday, July 18, 2009

Next stop: Moscow

Yes, I am going on holidays to Russia. I have already bought the plane tickets, and I will leave on 5th August. Direct flights cost a fortune, so I had to choose a flight with a stopover in Rome, Italy. But I don't mind, because I love the moment of the take-off and landing, and a stopover means more take-offs and landings. I don't know if I am going to be able to write during the holidays, so maybe there are not going to be posts until 26th August. Nevertheless, I am going to take the CD of the camera software and the cable with me. The software of my new camera. I am sooooo happy! We bought it yesterday, and I spend all the day jumping for joy. And the best of all, it's not another crappy point-and-shot, it's a DSLR: a Sony DSLR-A200. It was the cheapest DSLR we could find (370€), but I am happy anyway. After all, is better than any point-and-shot. I couldn't wait and did my first photos in the Starbucks where we drank a cup of coffee. Now, I have to learn how to use it!

I asked my father to take a shot of my hand, because I like how my blye nails look on the white paper cup. On the top, our two cups of coffee of the week (this week was from Tanzania), mine with soymilk....and lots of chocolate!

Me, near the center of Barcelona. Ahem...without make up ¬¬.


Alisa said...

Yay for the new camera! I'll be looking forward to your pictures in Russia! Have an awesome vacation!

Anonymous said...

Have fun Ksenia!! Can't wait to see the pics. Are you going to take pics of dachas?

Futoshi said...

I was planning to go to St. Petersburg this summer, but I will probably stay at home... I'll rejoice watching your pics, then... :)

Ksenia said...

I think that writing too soon about my holidays has made people think that I won't write anything until 26th August...don't build up your hopes! xD I will write some posts before ;) A recipe for a green smoothie for chocoholics is coming up....and photos of Barcelona, the beach and some other things =)

John, yes, I am going to take photos of dachas (at least I will try, because I suppose that I will go to the dacha of some one of my relatives)

Aldo, maybe I am going to visit St. Petersburg too =D It would be great, because I have never been there. And if you think that the trains you have in Rome are dirty and old…you should see Russian trains xD

Divina Pe, RHN said...

You look great without the makeup.