Friday, July 31, 2009


….from solids. No, I am not going on a juice fast, or Master Cleanse diet, on anything like that. I just can’t eat solids because I can’t chew. And my new dental braces are to blame for it. I went to the dentist two days ago, and now my mouth hurts so much that I have the feeling that my teeth are going to fall. I know that is temporary (it will always hurt so much the first three or four days after adjusting the braces), but it’s annoying anyway.

So, I have been surviving on smoothies (like the one of the photo on the top,  made of melon, cabbage, lettuce and nuts), juices (my father bought a liquidizer yesterday. It’s wonderful! I ate 5 apples, 3 plums and about 4 carrots without noticing it O.o) and oatmeal with lots of water.

I don’t have a recipe today because I have not cooked in two days. Maybe I will post about juices combinations or smoothies later =)

Today’s breakfast: chocolate smoothie. I realized that just putting chocolate into the blender doesn’t work because after blending for almost five minutes there are still pieces of it left. So I melted it with a little bit of soymilk. I also added lettuce and cabbage (a must in all my smoothies), walnuts, pineapple, some jam and more soymilk. Oneof the most annoying things of wearing braces is…no whole nuts! They can stick to the teeth =( I can’t eat either anything very hard, chewing gum and I must crumble everything in pieces.


Sooto said...

тебе идут брекеты )))

Anonymous said...

Ksenia, you look so cute! Metal Mouth!! Don't kiss anyone else with braces or you'll get stuck!

betty said...

Beautiful , yummy site-love the pictures! Thank you! Betty