Friday, June 19, 2009

Some interesting links and a birthday

Just a quick post. I went to the beach today for the first time this summer. Although we didn't chose the best day (it's raining outside at this moment) the water was not far too cold and pleasant. I really enjoyed the couple of hours I spend there, reading a book after swimming - "The great transition", by Rafael Poch de Feliu. It's about Russia, the perestroika and the mess that politics did. I'm reading it because I want to do my end of Bachillerato research about Russia, but I am not sure what theme chose. There are many that would be great: I had on mind "the rise and collapse of the middle class", "social darwinism in Russia", or "Evolution of the democracy during the last years of USSR and nowadays". What do you think about? Any other ideas?

I am working on many recipes at this moment, and I will post them soon. I baked an apple coffe cake from Vegan Yum Yum, and orange upside down cake and another cake for my father's 55 birthday (which was today), so I have plenty cake recipes to write about. I also did an avocado white bean hummus that I want to share too. But for the moment, I will share with you a few interesting things I found on the net.

The orange upside down cake and a cherry-apricot-peanut butter frosting birthday cake. Recipe coming up soon!

Journal, 1 May 2009 : Happy Labouring Day [Flickr] - I love Flickr so much! Is a gold mine of beatiful and inspirational photos, but also drawings. Have a quick look at this one, made by a designer from Malaysia. You must admit that drawing yourself drawing while you are sitting in a Starbucks is rather creative (or it's my love to Starbucks?)

linnea paulina: how to : create a weekly meal plan - Don't know how to plan your meals? Linnea suggests a way that I liked very much. All you need is a piece of paper! She also gives some advices and tips to help you with your weekly planning.
How to make a healthier muffin - Mostly Eating - Sohpie is a nutritionist from Oxford. In this post she tells us some ways to make make your treats healthier. At least, you will fill a little bit less gilty when eating them. Plus, a Mango, lime and ginger muffins recipe (and more ideas from other websites)


Anonymous said...

I don't know the background of your project, but given the info you provided, I think I have a snappy ending for you....the recent article in Pravda about how the US is rocketing toward Marxism....things sure have changed....

Paulina said...

Great links! I also think Flickr is great, but just haven't been on it in a while.