Saturday, June 13, 2009

Abouth olive oil or how to transform a bowl of steamed broccoli in a masterpiece

What do you think about the new design? I liked the old, but I had the feeling that it was too narrow. I was wasting a lot of space on the sides! The design is not mine, but I edited it and changed some details. I hope you like it!

Today I went to Barcelona again. Yes, I love being on holidays. Unfortunately, I am still on job haunting, so I have too much free time (I have posted two days in a row, so I suppose you already noticed it) I wanted to go to “Asia House” library and borrow a book, but when I arrived it was already closed. Yay! =(

Although I could not get the books I wanted to, at least we went shopping. I bough something I have been craving for weeks: a good, authentic, unrefined, cold pressed olive oil. Authentic olive oil is fragrant and dense,  and it’s enough with a little teaspoon to savour all the notes of its flavor. When I arrived at home, the first thing I did is to steam a whole head of broccoli and sprinkle it with sea salt and the olive oil. I don’t have a recipe today because it is as easy as this. And don’t think is less tasty than all the previous recipes! On the contrary: using only a few but high quality ingredients bring the flavor of each one out. If you still don’t have a high quality olive oil, I recommend you invest in one of them. Actually, is not as expensive as it could seem because you need less oil to get the same flavor. But be sure that is cold pressed. The next one I will buy will be also organic.

A little anecdote. Do you know that at the beginning I hated olive oil? I could not stand its strong and pungent flavor! I was seven and just arrived to Spain and was not used to olive oil because in Russia is not as common as here (although that was almost ten years ago. Now, is as easy to get as in Spain). Silly little girl! Now I could not live without a good olive oil. And you? What oil do you use? Do you like olive oil with strong flavor or mild flavor? What about the other oils? I love pumpkin seed oil and its green color!

Another thing I bought (in “El corte Ingl├ęs”, like the oil) is Indian green tea. I love tea, and Russian people drink a lot of them (almost more than English!), and this time I wanted to invest in a really good green tea (yeah, today I spent too much money, I know. The dangers of living in a capitalistic world) and I saw that lovely box of wood with imported Indian green tea inside.  You can see it on the photo above. I could not resist and opened it in the train. It smelled like heaven! I can’t wait to taste it (translation: I will post a recipe of a dessert soon. Probably this apple coffee cake)

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