Friday, April 24, 2009

CRON-O-Meter: a free, open source, dieting software

Weather is getting warmer there. In fact, we had a very sunny week, with high temperatures. Summer is almost here! Although I love all the seasons, because each season has got something magical, summer in Spain is great because of the sun, the hot and the beach (the sea is ten minutes walking from my home, and I even can see it from our balcony)

Today's post is quite short. It's not a recipe, but a very useful software I would like to share with us: it's called CRON-O-Meter, and it's a dieting software. I found it because Paulina, from Veggie Delight, talked about it (thanks, Paulina!). She used it track what she eats to be sure that she gets the calories and the nutrients she need with a raw vegan diet. Although it was created basically for people who is dieting, I think that it can be useful too for people who is not on a low calorie diet. CRON-O-Meter has got a huge database that even include products from many brands, and calculate your vitamin, mineral and nutrient intake in percentatge. As a vegan, for example, maybe you want to be sure you get enough protein, or Omega-3 fatty acids. The best of all is that it's an open source software, so it's absolutelly free. You can download it here

Thanks to that software, for example, now I know that I get by far enough vitamin A, but not enough Niacin and Selenium. This is my vitamin track until lunch time.

This is the view from our balcony. The town is as boring as it seems on the photo.

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Anonymous said...

You're definitely not the only one who wants new camera! My camera is actually pretty good (Olympus ยต 725 SW) but I still would like to have a lot better camera. hehe. However, I'm so happy it's getting warmer here too! Today it has been around 20'C. Yay. I really envy you as you live so close to sea! I wish I would live too, and your home town looks nice, a lot nicer than mine... :)