Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Easter comes to an end

Tomorrow is my last day of Eastern break =( The only thing I hate about holidays is that is very hard to come back to routine after them, especially if you are a high school student, living in a small and boring town and with a ordinary life, so there is very little exciting in your daily routine. By the way, I should point that I don’t life in Barcelona city, but near Barcelona. My town is so small that it would be pointless to say its name, because nobody would know it (if someone is interested, anyway, I live in Cunit)

Today I went for a walk with my parents, and my 16 years old brother have tried to drive a car for the first time of him live. The crazy idea was of my mother, who wanted to go to a deserted zone and try it too. She has got a driving license, but she hasn’t taken the wheel of a car for years. And I must recognize, my brother’s didn’t do it bad at all. At the beginning,  he stalled the car many times. But after ten minutes, he was not only able to drive, but to turn and to stop without problem. My father asked me if I wanted to try, but I preferred to refrain from it. Crashing my father’s car would no have been the happiest ending to my Holidays.

This is my brother, Konstan, and my mother, sitting in our (old and rusty) car.

I don’t want to come back to school again. Maybe I can see my friends every day, but I am not sure if it worth it, because I also have to do lots of homework. I have been all the week reading, but I could read because I wanted to. It’s a big difference to do the thing whenever you please, and not when someone oblige you.

Yesterday I began to read again (I already began it once, but with all the exams I gave it up) “The mother tongue”, by Bill Bryson. The book is in English, which is another additional difficulty for me, and I bought it in Massolit Books, in Krakow. Massolit books is a bookshop specialized in books in English, and it has got both new and used books (you can find real bargains like I did!) I will write more someday about it because I still have things to explain about my trip to Krakow =)

It  began to rain again a few hours ago. For a change (irony, of course).

With such a weather outside, the best you can do to lie on your sofa and read a good book  or, failing that, a good magazine, or listen to your favorite song on the mp3. Of course, a hot cup of tea, chocolate or coffee (or the three things, why not?) is always welcomed. In my case, the August 2008 issue of National Geographic, all devoted to China because of the Beijing  Olympics, and  Towa no Han, by Chihiro Yonekura, sounding on my music player. Do any of you like J-pop?

By the way,...Happy Easter

At the backgroung, my hamster Cosa. Oh, well…and my socks.

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