Saturday, March 21, 2009

The birth of another blog

Hi! How are you? Yes, you! I am talking with you, dear reader. How did you arrive to that humble and new born blog? Anyway, if you are here is because you like food, vegetarianism or you are just lost.
I am going to introduce myself: I am a russian girl who has been living in Spain for 9 years. I became a vegan on December 2007, so I began my journey more than one year ago. Since there, I had to manage to cook for myself because my parents were in a kind of trauma: my mother even began to cry when I told her that I decided to be vegan (I suppose you can imagine the scene and all the typical things they told me: “you are growing”, “children need meet”, “what about calcium?” and so on.) She thought that in one month I would be lying in a hospital bed with anemia and nearly dying.

Luckily, they got used to it. Now my mother even try to find new ingredients and my father surprised me last week with a not ordered by me (but very opportune) block of tofu.
After cooking for myself (and usually for all my family) it became a passion. I began to look up for new recipes, and as I didn’t find any good source in Spanish, I tried in English. I found such a big amount of blogs, networks and information, that since there when I need some new recipe to try I go straight to the English net. I should say that helped me a lot to improve my English. In fact, I think I learn more English over the last year than during all my life! But I wanted to get ahead and improve it even more, so I decided to create that blog.
I don’t expect getting a lot of visits (after all, who likes a blog with grammar mistakes?) but I will try to do my best. I just want to share my interest about food and respect with animal, as well my other big hobbies: travelling and foreign cultures. And both things usually come together: there is nothing more delicious than a fresh baked authentic French baguette, and the best way to enjoy it is with a trip to Paris ;) (I know it by own experience)

I don’t want to go on and on, or I am going to bore you, so I want to finish with a few photos of that unforgettable trip to France. Next time the first recipe!

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